Bricklife | all about Lego | 2016 september
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Visit at Lego designers’ headquarter

One of the coolest surprises during my trip was the visit at the Lego Designers’ house. My wonderful guide Kalle introduced me to senior Lego designer Henrik Andersen. I was allowed to walk into the building, but not further then the reception.
I could feel the secretness surrounding the building and this was definitely the peek of my trip. This is the place where all creative ideas start. Henrik was a member of the first Star Wars design team and designed the Ultimate X-Wing and B-wing Starfighter.
He told me all about the design process including how the team receives information from Lucas film to create a new modell. It takes about one year from skiss, digital design, modell to finished product released in store. I was blown away with the visit and will be forever thankful for this moment. Many thanks!




Today I have a full day at Legoland. I just passed my test for Lego driving licens. Well everyone in my class succeeded even if it turned out to be some cheerful chaos on the streets. The parents enjoyed to watch their kids! The park is still open a few more hours…

A day of my life at Lego Billund

After an overwhelming day full of Lego. I will remember the warmth and heart of the people working at Lego in Billund, especially our guide Kalle Poulsen and the Star Wars Lego designer Henrik Andersen. I am grateful for all the gifts, so kind!

I have so many impressions and lots of interesting facts, meetings and stories about Lego. It’s just impossible to share everything from ”my special day” in one post. I promise to tell you exciting facts about the factory, the Lego Designers HQ, inside history of Lego,  museum, the new ”Lego House”, Capital of Children and more…

I felt I became a part of the Lego family for a day. I will remember this day for the rest of my life! Thanks to all of you who made this happen at Lego and My Special Day!

My Special Day – Invited to the Lego factory

Later this week I will have the fortune to fly to Billund in Denmark and visit the Lego factory. I’m excited and look forward to the adventure. I hope you follow my trip on my blog.

My dream comes trough thanks to the organisation My Special Day (Min Stora Dag). It’s a Swedish nonprofit organisation that make dreams come true for Swedish children and teenagers with serious diagnoses.