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Visit at Lego Store Milan Italy

I’m on a family vacation in Italy. My dad loves wine, so we have been a few days in Piemonte. Last night we went to Milan and the first stop was the Lego Store! It’s located in the heart of the city at Piazza San Babila. The store surface was surprisingly large and with Lego on two floors. I had a nice chat with the store manager and got the polybag with the minifigure Scarif Trooper 40176 as a gift, thank you! Do you recognize me with the New York t-shirt?

Review Ninjago City

Mirjam in Lego Store showed me the Ninjago City set, we took a close look and removed all different floors. It’s an incredibly detailed set and I especially like the Sushi restaurant skybar. There are many stores in the building, comic book store, modern fashion store and a fish market. The crab restaurant has a functional oven! Wait awhile and you have a grilled crab…

The yellow house with the cool roof on the top floor is Lloyd´s, the main character of the new Ninjago movie.


Inside Lego Store

I got this picture from a blog on The designer’s name is Henri and he lives in Netherlands. I love this picture so I want to share it with you. Great detailed work and pretty authentic environment from inside a Lego Store. Home made stickers of Lego sets!

Link to the blog


Awesome Force Friday!

I had a great visit at the Lego Store last evening. My favorite Lego staff member Mirjam was there, so we hung around and had a nice chat. She showed me the Ninjago City set, we took a close look and removed all different floors.

They had a quiz and the first price was the new UCS Millennium Falcon with 7500 pieces. Well, I answered all the questions correct, but unfortunately I didn’t win. The consolation prize was the polly bag with R2-D2 from May the 4th this year.

I bought the Resistance Transport Pod 75176 and First Order Transport Speeder Battle pack 75166. With the purchase I got the Scarif Trooper 40176 and First Order Heavy Assault Walker 30497, yippee awesome!

I couldn’t resist to buy the Sushi-man from the new Mini Figure series. A staff help me out. This guy must have”black belt” in knowing which mini fig is which in each bag, since you just can feel and not see what’s inside! Thanks Mr Miyago!

Force Friday Scarif Trooper 40176

I got this in the Lego Store in Stockholm tonight! This Force Friday mini figure will be available 1st to the 3rd of September with all Star Wars purchases of $50 or more.

Inside the poly bag it’s a name sticker to attach to the display stand. The print on the body and legs are very similar compered with the existing Scarif Troopers. If you plan to buy one of the new sets this is a perfect time to get an exklusive mini figure. On one of the pictures you can se my R3-M2 Astromech together with the Scarif Trooper.

Pop by Lego Store

The other day, I dropped by Lego Store in Stockholm. It was almost closing time, so I almost had the whole store for myself. I had a nice chat with a Lego employee, he gave me some freebies, thanks! Even if I’m not a fan of Ninjago, I bought a mini figure of the new serie. I luckily got Master Wu with a cornflakes package!




Travelers gift from Lego Store

Got a suitcase with a travel kit from Lego Store! I tried out my new selfiestick and got some great pictures.  Fun to try out surfing and scuba diving, not as easy as it looks… Nice to calm down with some fishing at the end of the day especially since I caught my dinner!

May 2017 Store Calendar

Don’t forget to check out the Lego Store calendar for May. You probably haven’t missed that Lego celebrates Starwars 40th anniversery with many attractive offers. Unfortunately I missed out to get the free special edition R2-D2 set. I hope to find the set on the secondary market.

Link to complete Store Calendar

Visit at the new London Lego Store


I’m in London for a week with my family! On the first day I had to check out the world’s largest new Lego Store at Leicester Square. This flagship store is an awesome place for a Lego fan with two stories decorated with many large Lego models, you can even step into a huge Lego Tube. I meet my friend David from our Lego group in Sweden and we had a great time. Today I’m on an other cool Lego mission…..