Bricklife | all about Lego | 2017 februari
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Project green mountain

Last night I started my new project ”green mountain”. For a long time I have had different ideas to change the scenery in my city. I want to have a higher mountain to create a country side with a lake. The Lego citizen can in the near future go hiking, climb the mountain, down hill skiing in the winter, fish and swim in the lake. Check out for more updates with more pictures!



Wheel chair off-pist ski!

I woke up this morning and looked out at the lake of Åre, a ski-resort in the north of Sweden. I decided to go wheel chair skiing. I started out in a good pace, then it started to go really fast and finally it went absolutely too fast… I ended up in a ravine, luckily with the head up!


Build your own dream kitchen!

I displayed a skyscraper on the Lego show this weekend. My mission was to furnish each apparent floor. Last couple of weeks I’ve been focused on many small details like floors, bathrooms, wall decorations, chairs and kitchens. Here is a tip of a video showing how to build a large nice kitchen. You can of course make your kitchen smaller, different color, other tiles on the floor…. Good luck!

Link to Youtube video for luxury kitchen


Mind blowing Lego creations!

A great day to receive and give inspiration to build more advanced lego. I’ve seen floating islands, a cathedral, Star Wars spaceships, Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, Tintin, shopping center, the Hulk, mountains, fantasyworlds, Statue of Liberty, modularbuildings, my own scyscraper and much much more! Many good, great, fabulous ideas!


People lined up to visit the exhibition

For many hours the line was long to see Swebricks Lego exhibition at UKK in Uppsala. At the end of the day there had been about 7000 visitors and the show continues tomorrow!

I was one of the young people from the Lego group at Fyrisgården who were among many adult builders. I displayed my nine stories skyscraper.

Lego exhibition in Uppsala tomorrow!

Some of the best Lego builders come to UKK in Uppsala, Sweden, to show their models. Swebricks association members will give you everything from vast landscapes to detailed constructions. A cavalcade of creativity with Lego pieces waiting. I will be there with a special designed skyscraper. Come and look!


Happy Valentine’s Day

Me and my father gave mom a present at breakfast today. She was pretty surpriced when she received a Lego Valentines rose. I like the details and the design of the flower. The rose is glued, so you can’t take it a part and use the bricks to other stuff. Great gift, it won’t whither..


Unexpected visit at afternoon tea!

I had an enjoyful company! It’s seems that Ray wanted a sip of my tea! At first I was a bit worried that she would drown in my tea cup, if she fell down. She luckily didn’t!


The Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in Stockholm


The Finish leading gallery Forsblom opens a branch in Stockholm. The grand opening will start with an exhibition with famous Chinese activist and artist Ai Weiwei. It seems that the artist enjoy Lego, because many of his creations are made of the famous Danish brick! The artwork is not cheep, you need to pay over $22000 to get the hands on one of Ai Weiwei’s works…..

New Lego City Bus

Here is one of the new 2017 summer sets to be launched in June. This set is a little special, beacause it has features for accessibility for example a wheelchair. There is even a accessibility sticker on the bus door and a ramp to access the bus conveniently. I like the detailed features at the front of the bus as well as the bus stop. The set also includes a few mini figures and a newsstand for your morning newspaper.