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Congratulations Lego!

Today is a special day for all Lego enthusiasts. It is exactly 60 years since the original patent for the Lego system was submitted, on January 28, 1958, history was created. Thanks Lego, you have given me so many enjoyful moments!

Lego competition – build the next LEGO gift purchase set

Check out Lego’s competition to design the next exclusive Lego gift with purchase set, to the Lego Stores, Legoland, Legoland Discovery Centers as well as the online shop. The titel of the contest is ”Lego Moments in Space”. Your goal is to create the ultimate space model in Lego Digital Designer on a base of 16 x 16 studs with about 300 pieces. You have until the 9th of February to upload your contribution. Good luck!

Read more about the rules at Lego Ideas 


Things you didn’t know about Lego!

A Lego brick from 1958 is still compatible with a new Lego brick produced today. Pretty cool, it’s not many companies who haven’t changed through out the company’s long history. Lego has new updated designs on their sets, but the brick design still remain!

Star Wars Rebels Mid-Season 4 Trailer – Emperor Palpatine REVEALED!

We are now in the middle of season 4 and this past Friday on the 19th of January Lucas Film revealed the new mid-season trailer. This is first time the audience meet Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) in show. You have to wait until the 19 of February to watch the last part of season 4. Will the evil Emperor succeed to persuade Ezra to join the dark side?

Check it out

Lego Avengers Infinity War 76108 Battle in the Sanctum Sanctorum

This new set comes packed with a load of features. It’s not launched yet and there is no official picture. But there are some official descriptions on various sites. The house itself look like a new Modular building. The building is foldable and opens up to different places for alternative scenarios. Doctor Strange’s office is on the top floor with bookshelves and a buildable candlestick. Apartment of Peter Parker with various elements, trap door function, an exploding window… The street corner includes a kiosk with newspapers. On the roof  there is a function for launching Minifigures. Of the five Minifigures I’m sure the Iron Spider-Man will be most popular!


The history of Lego – animated film

I published a post in 2016 about this video. I just want to give all Lego fans who haven’t seen this story a new chance. When The LEGO Group celebrated its’ 80th birthday, they made this animated film to let everyone know more about the history of Lego.

Link to the video!


World’s tallest Lego train spiral

The world tallest Lego train spiral tower is located in a toy store in Romania town Baia Mare. It’s a very impressive built. I like the idea to attach a Go Pro at the front of the train, so you can follow the train on it’s way to the top of the spiral tower. Another awesome feeling is to reach the finish and when they aim the camera and look down through the whole construction. Great built!

Link to the video!


Unreleased Lego Star Wars Polybag 40298 DJ Review

Here is the new promotion polly bag coming out this year. The Minifigure was revealed at the end of last year from the images at This new Star Wars character can bee seen in movie The Last Jedi. DJ is the crooked hacker who Finn and Rose meet in the jail at the casino city Canto Bight. The Minifigure comes with a stand similar to the ones you’ve got with the previous poly bags Scarif Trooper and astromech droid R3-M3. DJ wears a black and dark brown coat with familiar collar details.


New Lego Ideas – Ship in a bottle 21313

This ship is a now approved Lego Ideas created by Jake Sadovich. Since he got over 10000 votes this set reaches the Lego Stores on the 1st of February. I must just say that this is a brilliant idea, quite simple but really clever. Congratulation! I love all the elements the plastic bottle, the ship with the printed sails, the awesome cork and the nice little sweet stand. I’m sure both kids and Lego adult fans will purchase this set.

Dream built by Dawid Szmandra

Dawid Szmandra from Poland has built this giant LEGO Liebherr LR 11000 crane. Just to give you an idea how large this creation actually is, you can imagine when the carne arm is fully deployed it reaches out over a large living room. Watch his youtube video. It’s of course remote controlled with the scale 1:24 and weighs 27 kg. Has 4 EV3 bricks, 9 motors, 7 light sensors, 1 touch sensor. Made 99.9% out of LEGO, except the pulley wheels, stickers and strings.