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Legoland driving school 40347

Lots of people have taken a driving license at Legoland. It’s great fun to drive around in Legoland traffic. Good to learn some about stop signs and how not to crash into other cars.

It’s now possible to buy your own Legoland driving school set. It will only be available at the Legoland shop. There are two small cars, some traffic lights and traffic signs and a Legoland map. It also includes four mini figures, two children, a woman with a camera and a driving school assistant.

New 2018 LEGO City 60181 Forest Tractor

The Lego forest tractor has a limegreen who gives an authentic look. Extra lamps on the roof cabin top. There are ladders on each sides for access. It’s easy to imagine how the log picker arm grabs the logs. At the rear back the forest worker can store chains to drag the logs, chain saw and a shuffle. The set comes with a total of 174 pieces.

New 2018 LEGO City 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit

In the Dirt Road Pursuit set you ’ll get three vehicles, a small Police motorcycle, the criminal’s get away car and the Police pursuit four wheeler. I think the criminal get away car looks a bit odd without fenders. In the back compartment the thieves can store money.

The main feature is the large Police Jeep with huge tires and a net shooter. If the police is good at aiming, the net shooter will be a great tool for catching thieves. It’s really simple to reload. The car has well equipped interior for the driver.

In the set there are also a sign warning of rock slides and a dangerous large rock. You can shoot away the large rock with the help of Lego technic. How far can you shoot it?

New LEGO City 60179 Ambulance Helicopter

The Ambulance Helicopter set contains 190 pieces. I think the helicopter is in a good size which gives you the opportunity to save the injured snowboard guy. The stretcher with the patient easily fits into the helicopter together with one nurse. There is also a pilot. I like the medical logo on the helicopter teams’ shirts. It’s simple to take out the minifigures through the openings on the sides. I like the life monitor set.

New 2018 LEGO City 60182 Pickup & Caravan

This set comes with a gooseneck caravan. Lego have succeeded to give the exterior a very authentic look. The white works well with the blue and grey lines. Other nice features are the stickers which completes the set. On one side you can open up the panel piece and access the interior. It’s enough space for two chairs and a little kitchenette. In the front there is a sleeping compartment for one minifigure.

The pick-ups heavy duty look match nicely with the caravan. You can unfortunately just fit one minifigure in the car and there is no interior except a steering wheel.

LEGO City 60173 Mountain Arrest

This set comes with a police helicopter, a criminal hide out , 4 mini figures, a black bear and a small red buggy. Total of 303 bricks.

The criminal has a mountain hide out. It’s not a fancy retreat and he has a bucket as a bathtub. I assume Lego imagine that this little hut is somewhere up in the mountains or in a deep forest. The construction is above ground so the bear can’t reach up. The set comes with a yellow beehive which is a new brick.

The police helicopter is another central element in the set. Perfect to search for the thieves hide out. It looks nice from the outside with twin rotors. On the side you have a manual winch line. On the back it’s a cargo door. One main feature is the net shooter. It’s simple to control you just load the shooter with the net, aim and then press the control.


LEGO City 60186 Mining Heavy Driller

The main feature in this set is the Heavy Driller mining vehicle. On it’s own it’s nothing special. I recommend this set together with the set 60188 Mining Experts Site I reviewed yesterday. It also comes with a mini-lab to valuate the golden nuggets and some mini figures, a little mining equipment stand and finally a mini dumper for transportation.

LEGO City 60188 Mining Experts Site – New 2018 set

LEGO introduces the ”City Mining” with a few new sets with this theme. This new set is loaded with different equipment and fun objects to play with. A large mining machine with plenty of functions, a cool mine with an awesome rail to remove golden nuggets, mini dumper to load a truck for transportation. I’m sure this is a great set to build new own creations. I look forward when the set hits the market!

Second floor finished – Assembly Square

Everyone was happy when the last piece was mounted on the second floor. The crew didn’t rest, they started directly to lay bricks for the Ballerina studio, an apartment and an outdoor roof top terrace. Surprisingly Emmet installed and tried out a new sofa bed in the future apartment.