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Lego Formula 1

I began to build this race car years ago together with my dad. I was younger and enjoyed Lego City. I found this uncompleted car in a well hidden large box of Lego city parts. Now it’s finished and here is the result!

The art of the Brick exhibition – London

Had a great experience at The Art of the Brick yesterday! We spent three hours at the exhibition of contemporary artist Nathan Samaya, which is traveling around the world. He builds all the art models with lego bricks! If you will be in London I really recommend a visit! It stays in London until the 6th of  September.

Project green mountain continues

I remodelled the mountain and changed the layout. To have space enough for fishing, skiing, climbing etc I need to increase the mountain. At the bottom of the backside I’ve created a tunnel. I haven’t decided though what I will use this space for.




I would like to recommend you to watch this video with a guy who shows how to build a World of Warcraft building. It’s easy to understand how to make it yourself. Check it out here!   Link to video

Trailer Rouge One

The first trailer of the coming star wars movie Rouge One is here! The movie will be released in December 16th 2016. I think it will be another exciting movie! The rebells are looking for the plans of the Death Star. The main character is named Jyn Erso played by the Brittish actress Felicity Jones. Link to trailer