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A day of my life at Lego Billund

After an overwhelming day full of Lego. I will remember the warmth and heart of the people working at Lego in Billund, especially our guide Kalle Poulsen and the Star Wars Lego designer Henrik Andersen. I am grateful for all the gifts, so kind!

I have so many impressions and lots of interesting facts, meetings and stories about Lego. It’s just impossible to share everything from ”my special day” in one post. I promise to tell you exciting facts about the factory, the Lego Designers HQ, inside history of Lego,  museum, the new ”Lego House”, Capital of Children and more…

I felt I became a part of the Lego family for a day. I will remember this day for the rest of my life! Thanks to all of you who made this happen at Lego and My Special Day!