Bricklife | all about Lego | 2019 januari
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70839 The Rexcelsior – The LEGO Movie 2

Lego revealed this new set at the Toy Fair London. It’s Rex’s ultimate new vehicle from the latest movie. The minifigures are Rex Dangervest and Emmet. You also get two micro minifigures with the same characters. This is a large set with 1826 pieces. Avaliable in summer of 2019. 

Dale Harris space MOC

I think AFOL (adult fan of lego) Dale Harris from Australia has built a really cool MOC on the classic Space theme from the eighties. I really like his technic in building the mountain and the use of wedge plates. His own stickers give the MOC a cool finish. You can find other things he built on his blog, harrisbricks blog.

New Lego minifigures series from Lego the movie 2

In February the new Lego the movie 2 will be released at cinemas. From February the 1st there will be twenty new minifigures to try to find. Which one will be your favorite? Look at the preview. I think the melon guy is quite fun.

Legoland driving school 40347

Lots of people have taken a driving license at Legoland. It’s great fun to drive around in Legoland traffic. Good to learn some about stop signs and how not to crash into other cars.

It’s now possible to buy your own Legoland driving school set. It will only be available at the Legoland shop. There are two small cars, some traffic lights and traffic signs and a Legoland map. It also includes four mini figures, two children, a woman with a camera and a driving school assistant.

2019 London Toy Fair

Lego is one of many exhibitors at this year’s Toy Fair in London from the 22nd – 24th of January. Last year the Danish company didn’t attend the exhibition. Hopefully they will reveal some of this year’s line up. Lego is usually very secretive before a product launch. Maybe they will display some awesome Lego sets!