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Lego Technic RC Chevrolet Suburban

This is an awesome cool designed Lego Chevrolet Suburban. It almost has all the features as the real car. 4 wheel drive to easily drive off road, 3D printed wheel covers, gearbox, advanced suspension on the rear axel, remote controlled trunk and many other function. I’m sure this would be a very popular lego set if you could buy this car in the store!!

Link to the video

Self portrait of Lego Mosaick

You can do anything with your Lego bricks. Why not use your bricks to make a memorable picture! To create my Mosaick picture I used this link Mosaik at Here you can upload a favorite picture and create a cool Mosaick instruction. Have fun and good luck!

(At Lego Store Leister Square London, they have a Mosaick photobooth, if you happen to be in the neighborhood)


Classic Space Lego

At the event ”Klossfestivalen” one Lego enthusiast displayed a whole table of Classic Space Lego. My dad loved the Monorail Transport Base released in 1994 as well as Space Transport from 1979. He still has the set 6980 Galaxy Commander space shuttle released in 1983. It’s pretty cool to view Lego sets from the eighties when my dad was the same age I’m now.

I  also attended a Lego inspiration course with previous Lego designer Nathanaël Kuipers. Great fun! He has designed some nice sets in the past, for example the Ferrari F1 Racer set 8386, 8292.

Link to a short interview with Nathanaël done by Technic Bricks

Klossfestivalen 2017

A few days ago I was at Klossfestivalen in Örebro, Sweden. I had big expectations on the way there. I had a great day, but I had thouht it would be an even bigger event. It was fun to meet other lego enthusiasts and especially two guys from my lego group.

I mostly liked the exhibition with different lego builders’ own creations. It always gives me new ideas and inspiration! I really enjoyed the Lleidr castle and the techniques the builder used. I got new ideas from a trainstation, the church, a gasstation, a hot dog stand, among many many other things.


Legofan apartment at Assembly Square

Last week Emmet and his crew focused work on the upcoming apartment for a Lego fan.  I especially like this set for all the necessary details for daily life, sofabed, bathroom, kitchen, furniture, shelves and most important a Lego brick building table.


Today it’s a warm sunny day. I could lay in this pool for many hours! What can be better on a great summer day?

Assembly Square back in business!

The crew had a well-deserved holiday. Today they continued on the third floor. The work for today was to proceed with a bathroom in a future Lego-fan apartment. They also installed a window door, little tricky! Hopefully I will post more picture this week, if Emmet and his builders keep up with their good work.

Want to check out Hogwarts?

Look at this big Hogwarts on The outside  looks great but the inside is even more detailed. I especially like the round Gryffindor livingroom, the room of Requirement, the lesson where Harry and the other pupils meet their fears, the stairway with the moving portraits. It gives an extra dimension with the green and blue ligths in the castle. Different rooms give you details from different movies. There is one picture with a good overview of the inside of the castle.

Link to flickr