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Cool Lego House scale built model

I visited Lego House in Billund last year just the day after the grand opening. Recently I saw Lasse Vestergård scale built model of architecture Bjarke Ingels design on Instagram. It brought back all positive memories from my own awesome experience. I spent three days in a row at the ”Home of the Brick” and I hope to return to Billund soon. The model is in scale 1:100 which gives a more detailed expression compared to Lego’s original set 21037.

LEGO Star Wars 75205 Mos Eisley Cantina review

The set is divided into three parts, Wuher’s bar, a doorway with sliding door and a booth for Han Solo and Greedo to settle their dispute. You also get a Ubrikkian 9,000 pod. The pod seats one minifigure. It’s a bit disappointing and dosen’t feel as a complete set. The 2014 (75052) release is much more detailed comes with over 615 pieces. The rounded roof gives a distinct authentic look similar to the Star Wars movie New Hope Episode IV. A positiv feature is the updated detailed minifigures, especially Han Solo and the new bartender.



Book Review of The Art of Star Wars The Last Jedi

The pictures in this book are great. There are paintings and photographs mostly from the scenery but also of the characters of the movie. You can see the designs of Rey, Luke, Finn, Kylo and Snoke. There are also pictures of the Caretakers, the cute porgs and the sea cows. There’s also artpictures of Han Solo’s death that was missing from the first book to prevent spoilers. If you haven’t watched The Last Jedi I suggest you wait to look in this book until after, because it’s also filled with spoilers right from the start. If you are a person who get inspired from paintings and drawing this might be a gateway into the magic world of Star Wars though!

Resistance Transport Pod 75176

This week I will continue with more Star Wars posts. Yesterday I built my Resistance Transport Pod I bought on Friday. I also filmed my built for an upcoming speed building video. I know it has been quite a while since I last produced a Youtube clip….

I find this little pod very solid and I like the compact design. Features with a moving cannon, two spring loaded shooters underneath the ship and stickers which gives the ship a nice exterior look. Also thrusters on the back, large cockpit window, storage on the left side for ammunition and finally a cargo space in the back with place for BB-8. The set also includes Rose and Finn.