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Star Wars in reality

The new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi has given the most dedicated fans inspiration to new destinations. There are fans who devote their vacation to cities and countries where the highlights from the movie was recorded. On the top of the wish list is the Bolivian Salar de Uyuni, the distant planet Crait. Dubrovnik is making a debut as the casino city Canto Bight and the magnificent Irish Islands Skelling Michael known as an outpost for the Jedi master Luke Skywalker.



My Christmas built BB-8

I have just a few days left of my Christmas holiday in Mexico. Not to finish the built to fast, I’ve restricted myself to build some section every day. Now I’m done! The set looks quite simple but there is some clever engineering on the inside constructed with Lego technic. BB-8 has two main functions, one wheel spins the head and the second wheel pulls out the torch. Next step for Lego is to created a larger version of this modell with more remote controlled functionality.



First Star Wars wave of 2018

The first Star Wars sets of 2018 have already started selling. There are seven sets from the latest movie The Last Jedi, three independent sets, two buildable figures plus one set from Clone Wars. The origin of the Sandspeeder is still a mystery, some believe it’s from the upcoming Solo movie. I will write reviews of some of the these sets, watch out!

Movie time – Star Wars the Last Jedi

I’ve waited for this day! Tonight it’s finally time to watch the lastest movie from the Stars Wars trilogy – Last Jedi! As every Star Wars fan I’ve already seen all the trailers. I hope the movie delivers and gives me a smile 😀.

Latest trailer – The Last Jedi

On the 1st of November Lucas Film launched the final trailer of the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi with launch date on the 15th of December. I’m sure the small penguin-like creatures, Porgs, will be the breakout stars in the movie! They are natives of the planet of Ahch-To, where Luke Skywalker was living in The Force Awakens.

Link to the trailer

Sunny day in a galaxy far far way!

It’s a sunny day in a galaxy far far way! Instead of fighting the rebell allians, Darth Vader went to the beach for a sunny day. All set with necessary equipment like scuba diving gear and a pretty cool beach umbrella! He enjoyed building a sand castle Death Star and chilled with a nice cold ice cream from planet Hoth…..


Exclusive Brickheadz at Comic Con New York

If you visit New York and Comic Con from the 5-8th of October you have the chance to win two awesome Brickheadz. To get your hands on the exclusive Boba Fett and Han Solo, you’ll need to have tickets and register at the pre-show lottery via New York Comic Con’s website. These are Lego’s first-ever ”Star Wars” BrickHeadz building sets with 329 pieces. Winners of the raffle can purchase the limited-edition set from the Lego Mobile truck at Comic Con. Good luck, if you’re there!


Review The Last Jedi Resistance Bomber

This is a very special set for me, since I personally know the designer Henrik Andersen. Bravo, great work! The set has 780 pieces with a price of $110 or 1299 SEK.

It looks like a cross between a B-wing and Nebulon-B escort frigate. The positive with this set is that it stands on its own without any support. The model is tall with two small winglets on each side. This is a bomb ship and has many powerful engines, can still fly if one of the engines will be destroyed. Two fully integrated spring loaded shooters, very skilled design. The ship has one top and one identical bottom cockpit with tail guns and space for a mini figure.

The major action feature is the bombing mechanism. You press a button on the lower part of the model and out drops small round black bullets. Behind on a hidden plate on the top, you can easily reload the bombs. There is also a generous control center in the main top compartment.