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Bricklife wishes you all a Happy New Year!

I can summarise my Lego year with many hundred enjoyful creative building hours with the magic bricks. One of the most memorable moments was the visit at the new Lego House in Billund (House of the Bricks), the exhibition Art of the Brick by the Lego artist Nathan Sawaya in London, displaying my own skyscraper MOC at the Swebrick exhibition in Uppsala, a railway construction in my own Lego town, visit at the Lego store in Milan Italy, new flagship store at Leicester Square London and New York, some exciting orders at Bricklink as well as opening my own shop. I’ve been interviewed in one magazine and one newspaper about my passion for Lego and published over 200 posts on my blog. As all Lego fans I’ve added some new great sets to my collection.
Happy New Year!

Interview published today – about the magic bricks!

Today my interview was officially published in the Swedish daily newspaper Uppsala Nya Tidning. I was a bit surprised when I ended up on the front page, great fun! Thanks to all Lego friends with great feedback. Information to my english spoken followers, the article is in Swedish. Just to give you a short summary of the reporters angle in the interview. It was my great interest for the magic bricks. It’s very common youngsters interest for Lego fades away when they become a teen. I hope I can inspire some to continue with their passion. If you have any thoughts or ideas please contact me at

Read the article as pdf

Merry Xmas from Mexico

Spending time in a warmer place, not any snow in sight. I will soon build BB8, then he’ll see the day of light.

I’m spending Christmas in Mexico with my family and luckily I got BB8 as a Xmas present.

Merry Christmas to you all!

My own store at Bricklink

The last couple of days I sorted over 6000 bricks to open a store at For you who don’t know what is: it’s a global platform to buy Lego bricks directly from private Lego enthusiasts  like me. The name of my store will of course be I hope you’ll check it out! I’ve also worked on the computer for many hours to update all the inventory. The store is now open and online!

Link to my Bricklink store

Woke up to some nice song….

Great day! Today is my birthday! I was celebrated in the morning by my mum, dad, sister and brother. I got some great presents from the Lego House, a tea mug, T-shirt, pick a brick bucket loaded with blue diamonds and best of all the exklusive set 21037 of the ”Lego House” awesome!

I look forward to a nice family dinner tonight and no home work!



A real Lego Kitchen – no joke!

Two designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti didn’t take the normal path when they rebuilt their kitchen in Paris. They covered a kitchen island from IKEA with more than 20,000 Lego bricks. This is just one example of people using the bricks in everyday life. The Lego creates a creative environment as well a modern piece of art. I wonder if my parents would like to remodel our kitchen with Lego….

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A Lego fan’s dream room

Architect Jeff Pelletier remodeled a unused basement to a creative Lego room with over 500,000 bricks. This is an epic and serious renovation with a storage volume beyond a Lego fan’s dreams. Special designed drawers with boxes from IKEA, smart move! If you enjoy to store Lego, this is the way to go! What a great room to hang around, design and build your own MOC designed Lego set. Just awesome!

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Starbucks – Lego ideas

In 2014 Jeong Seungbok tried his luck and showed his cool looking Starbucks for Lego ideas. He got over 9000 votes, to reach the final milestone you need at least 10,000 supporters. Unfortunately he didn’t reach the goal and succeed to be chosen and reviewed by Lego. I think his modular building was brilliant and I hope he returns with more great ideas!

Link to Lego ideas


Lego Slippers?

Slippers for serious Lego fans! Who knows if Lego decides to make them to a real product, but for now it seems unlikely that these are going to show up in any stores.

A little slipper notice is that in Christmas 2015 1,500 pairs of slippers was given away randomly to people who filled out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website, lucky them!

Lego plans to cut 1400 employees

Lego plans to reduce its work force with 8% or 1400 employees. Over the last year Lego has expanded their business successfully into many new markets with a current staff of 18200 people. In the first half this year the sales has dropped 5 percent to 14.9 billion Danish kroner. One reason is that children spend more time on digital alternatives.

“We’re losing momentum and we’re losing productivity. We have built an increasingly complex organization. This could ultimately lead to stagnation or decline.”

Link to Bloomberg