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Swebrick Borlänge

Yesterday I visited the AFOL event in Borlänge. At the entry they displayed two huge collaboration building sets. One team had built a futuristic imagination of living on Planet Mars and the other was the finish line at the classic cross country ski race called ”Vasaloppet”. 

I was impressed by all the awesome creations. They have done an incredible preparation to make this exhibition a success. 

3-5 May AFOLs event

The Swedish AFOL community SWEBRICK celebrate their 10 years anniversary with an exhibition in the town named Borlänge. Over 90 exhibitors display different creations this weekend. Welcome!

The 30th of April

 ‘Sista april’ or ‘Valborg’ in Swedish – is the celebration of spring arriving in Sweden. In Uppsala it is also the largest student event of the year. Students build rafts and float down the Fyris River. 

Christmas at Singapore airport

Singapore airport take Christmas serious. Together with Warner Bros they created a full-sized Harry Potter world. You can visit the wizard village Hogsmeade dressed in winter decoration, magical Diagon Alley, visit Newt Scamander’s strange different animals. Get a picture on the legendary Hogwarts Express. I want to fly to Singapore…!

Photo of Changi Airport

Halloween adventure and sharing!

To celebrate Halloween spend some time to figure out and create your own Lego built. Add scary details featuring the theme with a vampire, skeleton, pumpkin head, a rat or a spider, use your imagination!

Send me a picture of your creation to post it on my blog. Send it to with your name and nationality. Good luck! 

Solo movie premiere

Awesome finish of a school week to watch the latest Star wars story, Solo! I’m ready to meet the younger version of Han Solo and his hairy friend Chewbacca. Fun to dig deeper into Han’s adventures with his spaceship the Millennium Falcon.

May the force be with you!