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Halloween Ideas!

Great Halloween puzzle cube made by the youtube channel Let’s do this. This is obviously a cube you want to touch and feel. I was self eager to try to build this cube, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough orange tiles. Check out the link!

Happy Halloween!



Relaunch of Taj Mahal

Today Lego makes a relaunch of the 2008 Creator Expert of Taj Mahal designed by my friend Henrik Anderson. Today he works as a Star Wars designer. The new set seems similar to the old version and is made out of 5923 pieces. They have just added one tiny extra brick compared to the old model. This famous building is well recognized as one of the world’s architectural wonders.


Look what Jamie has been up to this morning….


Mountain Lodge MOC

One of my own MOC buildings I’m working on now is a Mountain Lodge. The house is hanging out from a steep cliff. The exterior has a ruff wooden surface and is built out of waste old wood. I’ve patched the facade with different brown color bricks to give it a lively look. Each corner is drawn out to give some depth and the tails is placed horisontal. You will reach the entrance by a spectacular narrow bridge. Well this is an on going project so I don’t have any estimate when the built will be finished.

Lego November Calendar

Check out the November Lego calender with many awesome happenings!

1-15 November, free 24-in-1 Countdown Calendar. Build and rebuild to create 24 holiday-themed models!

Exclusive for VIP members, November 18-19 VIPs get double points on all items! Plus, get a FREE Nutcracker with a purchase of $99 or more!

”Brick Friday”on November 24-27. Shop early at the LEGO Store for doorbuster SALE items!

Link to pdf Lego calender


More rumors of 2018 Modular Building

Three days ago a post was published on Reddit forum about new rumors of a possible set number ”10256” connected to a 2018 modular building release. This is just an assumption! There is not yet any official statement made by Lego or pressrelease to substantiate the post. My hope and guess is that it will be a release of a modular with two buildings like Petshop and at least 3000 bricks. I can just long for a larger scale set with some  challenges.

Read and look at the picture on Facebook page ”Lego Modular Building”

New LEGO Ideas set

On the 1st of November you can find the new Lego Idea set in the store. The set is designed by Maia Weinstock and the set is a tribute to 4 pioneering women of NASA. The theme is well known from the movie Hidden Figures about the women who served a vital role in the early years of the U.S. space program. The set reached 10,000 supporters in just 15 days, wow!

2018 modular building….

About this time last year, to be exact on the 17th of October, Lego launched there last modular building.  The Assembly Square was developed to celebrate ten years of LEGO Modular Buildings. I’m curious of the upcoming 2018 modular set. I wonder if Lego will come out with a new press release soon…. On Brickset Forum there are different rumors, but not any substantial leads what I can tell. I really look foward to the new set!

LEGO Anniversary Sets Coming in 2018

Next year 2018 is the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. There are rumors of what different sets Lego will launch to celebrate this happening. The only information so far from Lego is that it will be five sets based on the Classic theme. Maybe a set of Classic Space, a Classic Town, a Classic Castle, who knows!

Birthday dinner ”at the Parisian Restaurant”

Great gift for my 15th birthday, got the 10243 Parisian Restaurant! This set from 2014 is so far one of my favorite modular buildings. Jamie Berard and his designer team started from this model to offer more detailed building experiences. They have focused both on the exterior as well as the interior design. Packed with awesome details, tiled floor, lots of kitchen units, roof terrace, flowers, apartment with pull-down bed, kitchenette and fireplace. Thanks!