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Lego won a lawsuit against LEPIN

Lego has won a landmark case in China against the Chinese clone manufacturer Lepin. The company has used Lego’s trademark and has been recreating sets and selling them at much lower prices. Lepin has no opportunity to appeal against the court’s decision. The company has to pay Lego a damage fee of 2.2 millon dollars or 20 MSEK. This is a positive step in order for future business in China.



Celebrate Home of the Bricks birthday

A year has passed since Home of the Bricks grand opening and I was there. On the 29th of September Lego has a special birthday celebration with fun activities, treasure hunt with special gift, birthday cake – in both bricked and baked versions! Luckily I have the opportunity to participate in the celebration once again. I can’t wait to take a bit of the birthday cake!

Eco plants review!

As many of you already noticed Lego has a programme to source plastic from sugarcane plants. Jangbricks makes a great detailed review and compares old plants vs new plants. See if you can notice some diffrence in color. Watch the result by using the video-link.

Link to review

Licence to build Lego James Bond

LEGO Creator Expert, 10262, James Bond Aston Martin DB5. This is an impressive replica model which captures the elegance and timeless sophistication of Agent 007’s iconic 1964 sports car. It comes with great many details and functioning accessories. You can open the doors and you’ll discover a detailed interior with a hidden radar tracker and a telephone. When the action begins you can rotate the number plates and pull back the gearstick to reveal the machine guns at the front of the car!

Lego replica of a Japanese Sakura tree

Lego Japan has been creative and built a life-sized Sakura tree out of 881470 lego bricks. The tree is full of cherryblossom and japanese lamps. It’s 4,5 meters tall and it took 6700 hours to build. It’s extra cool at night since it lights up then!

LEGO Inside Tour 2018 Ferguson Tractor (4000025)

There are only around 80 to 100 box sets of the LEGO Inside Tour released every year. This year it’s the Ferguson tractor (4000025). It is based upon one of LEGO’s earliest plastic models which was released in 1951. I think that it is a good brick-built version of the Ferguson Tractor. It is designed by Steen Sig Andersen and each set is signed by him. It even earned a spot in the Tree in the LEGO House.

New promotional set from LEGO – 40291 Creative Storybook

Until the 24th of June you have the chance to get the new promotional set for Lego with purchases over €65. I believe this is one of the best ”give away sets” ever. The look is more like an excellent MOC creation. The Lego model is based on a fairy tale written by the danish author Hans Christian Andersen first published in 1838. I hope Lego continues with more brilliant ideas like this one!

New Lego theme – Xtra

Lego launches a new theme with accessory sets for your Lego city or your own creative modell. The sets are sold in polly bags and named ”Lego Xtra” with an affordable market price. First out are five sets, a food pack 0f 30 pieces, tree pack with flowers and fence for the garden, traffic lights for the city, lamps and newspaper stand and a final set with bicycles and skate boards for enjoyment. I think this is a clever move from Lego and I’m looking forward to the lamp set with black lamp poles and street lights.

Trailer The LEGO® Movie 2

After many delays a new Lego movie will be released!

The citizens are facing a huge new threat. Emmet is back to restore the harmony to the LEGO universe.  Together with Lucy and Batman, they have to test their master building skills. You have to wait until next year for the official release on the February 8th, 2019.

Link to trailer

Lego rumour – Roller coaster 2018

There are rumours that Lego will release a rollercoaster in August this year. The Lego community believes it will be motorised. You might need to buy the electric motors as an added feature. The motor will of course be nicely integrated. The Lego community believes the roller coster carriages will have similarities to the Lego Joker Manor set 70922. The set includes 11 mini figures, candy stand, ticket booth  and other fun features. Watch out!