Bricklife | all about Lego | 2017 juni
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Interested in a Ferrari?

I found this Lego Ferrari car dealership on youtube. The builder used 36,ooo pieces to build the store and many different Ferrari car models. I really liked the Ferrari painting and the wall where you can choose  your especially designed steering wheel and rims for the wheels. There are many cool colours to choose from.

Link to the Youtube

New bridge in the village

The Ewoks on the planet Endor have built a bridge. They can now easily cross over the river and no longer need to get their feet wet. The river playes an important role in the village, they use it for transportation, to fish in and for water activities!


Ewok tree adventure

I’ve built a new tree for my Ewoks. Wicket climbs up to have a look of the extraordinary view. He seams to like it! Logray has an idea to build a new tree house. I hope he succeeds with his plan. I’ll ask him to post a picture when the house is completed!

Waterfall building tip

Build your own waterfall! It’s very easy and a great way to use transparent flat plain bricks. First you build a foundation to create a scenery surrounding the waterfall. You choose a color to reflect the season for example white for winter, green for summer, brown/orange/green for autumn…Good luck!

Swedish Midsummer celebration

Today Sweden celebrate midsummer. It’s an old tradition. Friends gather to dance, sing and play music. It’s not only a great festivity, it’s also the day with the longest daylight. In the northern part of the country the daylight remains 24 hours without any sunset. Pretty awesome!

LEGO reaches 100% renewable energy target

The Independent published that The Lego Group now runs it’s business entirely on renewable energy. The company achieved its ambitious goal due to the completion of a 258 megawatt offshore wind farm in the Irish Sea.

Link to the article


Lego just released a designer video – The Mountain Cave

Lego has today launched a new designer video of the set ”The Mountain Cave 21137”. The modell and the grafic designers guide us through the new features of the set.
I think the Minecraft track and the elevator are a really special details. It’s fun because the elevator can lift the mine cart from the bottom to the top of the mountain! It’s the largest Minecraft set ever built with 2,863 pieces.

Time for tea?

I always drink a cup of tea in the morning as well as in the evening. Today I made a tea cup out of Lego. I’m not sure it works though, it might leak…..