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Lego Creator Expert Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 10269

This is the first time that lego has made a motorcycle and it looks like the real one.

The set is 34 cm long and 21 cm high and has 1023 pieces. There is only one printed piece and the other are just printed stickers. The designer had to work hard to get the piston mechanism right. This set looks good with its dark red, black and light grey color scheme. The motor looks really nice with its exhaust pipe. 

Need some light in dark December with Lego Vestas Wind Turbine, 10268?

Want to build your own wind turbine and get some electricity? You can light up the cottage porch lights with this motorized Creator Expert build. Seems like a challenge, since many lego builders say it took them 19 hours to build. I like that the set have a few spruce trees which has been manufactured from sustainably sourced plant-based plastic. The Wind Turbine set comes with a hill, a house, a service truck and two technicians, a woman plus her dog. It’s about 1 meter high. A fun but necessary details are the aircraft warning lights.

Dream built by Dawid Szmandra

Dawid Szmandra from Poland has built this giant LEGO Liebherr LR 11000 crane. Just to give you an idea how large this creation actually is, you can imagine when the carne arm is fully deployed it reaches out over a large living room. Watch his youtube video. It’s of course remote controlled with the scale 1:24 and weighs 27 kg. Has 4 EV3 bricks, 9 motors, 7 light sensors, 1 touch sensor. Made 99.9% out of LEGO, except the pulley wheels, stickers and strings.

Birthday dinner ”at the Parisian Restaurant”

Great gift for my 15th birthday, got the 10243 Parisian Restaurant! This set from 2014 is so far one of my favorite modular buildings. Jamie Berard and his designer team started from this model to offer more detailed building experiences. They have focused both on the exterior as well as the interior design. Packed with awesome details, tiled floor, lots of kitchen units, roof terrace, flowers, apartment with pull-down bed, kitchenette and fireplace. Thanks!


Assembly Square finished

The project is completed! As you can see in the picture the builders are happy and proud of their work (you can see me in the center). The new tenants arranged a housewarming party on the roof topp terrace. A parrot found a new home on a balcony. I love this building for all its details!


Assembly Square progress

I’ve been away for a while on vacation in Malta, so nice! Now I’m back and can help the crew to take pictures on the progress. The project is in its final stages. Today’s work is to install a few windows. One of the builder’s take a coffee break on the roof terrace! One picture is in the kitchen in the Lego fan apartment. You can view the next post of Assembly Square on Tuesday.

Lego Technic RC Chevrolet Suburban

This is an awesome cool designed Lego Chevrolet Suburban. It almost has all the features as the real car. 4 wheel drive to easily drive off road, 3D printed wheel covers, gearbox, advanced suspension on the rear axel, remote controlled trunk and many other function. I’m sure this would be a very popular lego set if you could buy this car in the store!!

Link to the video

Legofan apartment at Assembly Square

Last week Emmet and his crew focused work on the upcoming apartment for a Lego fan.  I especially like this set for all the necessary details for daily life, sofabed, bathroom, kitchen, furniture, shelves and most important a Lego brick building table.


Today it’s a warm sunny day. I could lay in this pool for many hours! What can be better on a great summer day?