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MOC Sushi Restaurant

I created a restaurant for my new sushi chef. I got some inspiration from medieval houses and roofs. I think the brownish color gives the stand an authentic look. The sign is from a Harry Potter set. This stand would be perfect at a food market. The chef is starting to chop up some more salmon for the sushi!

Lego Technic RC Chevrolet Suburban

This is an awesome cool designed Lego Chevrolet Suburban. It almost has all the features as the real car. 4 wheel drive to easily drive off road, 3D printed wheel covers, gearbox, advanced suspension on the rear axel, remote controlled trunk and many other function. I’m sure this would be a very popular lego set if you could buy this car in the store!!

Link to the video

Waterfall building tip

Build your own waterfall! It’s very easy and a great way to use transparent flat plain bricks. First you build a foundation to create a scenery surrounding the waterfall. You choose a color to reflect the season for example white for winter, green for summer, brown/orange/green for autumn…Good luck!

Time for tea?

I always drink a cup of tea in the morning as well as in the evening. Today I made a tea cup out of Lego. I’m not sure it works though, it might leak…..

Ewoks food factory

Few weeks ago I created this build with my friend David. We got the inspiration from the new book ”Awesome Ideas”. This is a Lab and a factory to produce food for the Ewoks. It’s located out in the galaxy on the moon Endor. Right now they are testing a machine for quick growing carrots. It seems to work!

New playground

Today I created a little playground in the citycenter. The park has a carousel, resting bench, fast food…  The best feature is the new slide for the kids! It became very popular! Try to build one yourself!

How to build a stroller

As you probably know Lego has launch a new modular building set ”The Assembly Square 10255”. This set is definitely on my wish list. In this set you can find this stroller and it’s easy to build. Look at my pictures and try out your self. Good luck!