Bricklife | all about Lego | 2016 juli
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Minifigures stand

I got inspired to organize my mini figures from a Youtube clip: Why not a mini figure stand?  Great way to have some use for the black standing plates!  On this picture you can see my favorite mini figures and the number ”one” figure Ewok Wicket W. Warick!


I would like to recommend you to watch this video with a guy who shows how to build a World of Warcraft building. It’s easy to understand how to make it yourself. Check it out here!   Link to video

Starting to grow

This is the start of my Ewok tree, which I’m building because I like Ewoks so much. I’m trying to build the tree as natural as possible. To give it a character of its own I use different kind of brown parts and also different shades of the colour. I’ll be back when it’s a full grown tree.