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Interview – about Lego

A few weeks ago I was interviewed about the Lego group I initiated two years ago. I talked about my passion for Lego and my dream to become a Lego designer. I’m happy it’s become popular and in the fall they will start another group for kids in the age 10-15. It’s a great place to meet other youths and inspire each other.

New crane on building site

To speed up the work the site manager Emmet called in a crane. The Assembly Square needs to be finished before summer. The second floor will have a photo studio, dentist and a music shop as shown in one of the pictures.

First day on second floor

Today the construction team started to work on the second floor. The concrete was pored with great pression and the bricklayers worked on the walls. I hope you follow the build of Assembly Square. Tomorrow I’ll post more pictures of the awesome modular building!

Legoland Dubai

If you’re lucky to take a trip to Dubai and love Lego, don’t forget to visit Legoland Dubai. The amusement park opened in October last year. The different attractions are built of over 60 million bricks.

Link to Lego Dubai

The first milestone on Assembly Square

The ground floor is completed. Emmet is very happy with the construction and takes a look inside the stores, pretty cool! The installation of a sign above the entrance to the café is a team effort. After some struggle the work is finished.

LEGO Train 50 Years On Track

This was an exclusive gift to all employees at Lego in 2016. The set is not for sale at any retail store but you can buy the set att The price on the secondary market is between  $200-$300. Not cheap, but I think this set will be a very attractive collector’s set.

The walls are completed

The walls and shape of the ground floor is almost done. They use a mini dumper for some construction at the fountain on the square. The glazier has installed the windows at the bakery. There is great progress in the café with furniture in place. Enjoy!


Animated modular building

This is a great amateur video with funny animations. The basic story is about a creation of an orange modular building and the Lego bricks seems to be in a seamless flow. Sometimes fun characters pop up and deliver Lego bricks to the build. Click on the link to watch the video!

Link to the Youtube video

Assembly Square in progress

The ground floor of two buildings are done. The first  is a café and the second one is flower shop with a connecting bakery. I love the details in the stores! Emmet and his crew work hard to keep the schedule. You can also see the square in front of the building. Next post will be published on Wednesday this week.

Breaking ground for Assembly Square

During the past week the building team started with the ground foundation for Assembly Square. The construction site was busy and the digger was effective. The carpenter worked on the moulding forms. Yesterday the concrete was poured and today the crew started to work on the ground floor. This is a large build and I’ll be sharing it with you! Stay tuned!