Bricklife | all about Lego | 2017 mars
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Project green mountain continues

I remodelled the mountain and changed the layout. To have space enough for fishing, skiing, climbing etc I need to increase the mountain. At the bottom of the backside I’ve created a tunnel. I haven’t decided though what I will use this space for.




Last weekend ToyRuS had a Lego promotion day. I checked it out and received a nice goody bag with different pollybags. My favorite was this R3-M2 with a nice stand to display the astromech droid. I’m very happy to add a collector item to my collection of droids.

How to build a stroller

As you probably know Lego has launch a new modular building set ”The Assembly Square 10255”. This set is definitely on my wish list. In this set you can find this stroller and it’s easy to build. Look at my pictures and try out your self. Good luck!



Food for Lego fans!

Why don’t surprice your parents with a Lego meal! I’m sure that this type of food will give them a cheerful smile. The fun thing with Lego is you can almost build anything. It’s only your imagination that sets the limits!