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Swebrick Borlänge

Yesterday I visited the AFOL event in Borlänge. At the entry they displayed two huge collaboration building sets. One team had built a futuristic imagination of living on Planet Mars and the other was the finish line at the classic cross country ski race called ”Vasaloppet”. 

I was impressed by all the awesome creations. They have done an incredible preparation to make this exhibition a success. 

Some pictures from last weekend

Enjoy some pictures from my visit at the Lego House last week. I had an awesome visit! My favorite place is the green zone with an urban city and a mountain landscape packed with different creations, modern and old houses, cars, ski resort, roads, trains, harbor, forest… Look at the picture when they used droids heads as roof tails.


Arrived at Home of the Brick

After a short flight from Sweden, I arrived at the Lego House in the afternoon. Today it was ”the calm before the storm”. Tomorrow is the big happening to celebrate the one year anniversary. I visited the Lego Store and purchased two awesome cups of ”pick a bricks”. 


Adventures at the Grand Mayan Resort

On my trip to Mexico I brought along some friends. Ray and Finn enjoy life abroad. The environment over here is different from a galaxy far far away. Sometimes they disappear to some adventures. They’ve been climbing trees and chilling out at the pool. Finn is the craziest of the two he always plays and splashes around in the water. Now I’m gonna take a walk to see what they’re up to.

Bricklife wishes you all a Happy New Year!

I can summarise my Lego year with many hundred enjoyful creative building hours with the magic bricks. One of the most memorable moments was the visit at the new Lego House in Billund (House of the Bricks), the exhibition Art of the Brick by the Lego artist Nathan Sawaya in London, displaying my own skyscraper MOC at the Swebrick exhibition in Uppsala, a railway construction in my own Lego town, visit at the Lego store in Milan Italy, new flagship store at Leicester Square London and New York, some exciting orders at Bricklink as well as opening my own shop. I’ve been interviewed in one magazine and one newspaper about my passion for Lego and published over 200 posts on my blog. As all Lego fans I’ve added some new great sets to my collection.
Happy New Year!

15 meter tall tree!

In the center of the Lego House a 15 meter tall raises up into the sky! It’s a center piece and can be viewed on each floor. Using the stair case you can view different Lego creations placed on the top of the massive tree arms.

The tree is a symbol to honor the Lego groups heritage when they started to produce wooden toys back in 1932.




Lego Brick Builder – Red zone!

As I wrote last week in my previous post from the Lego House,  there were 13 galleries divided into different color zones.

– Red Zone: spontaneous creativity and free-building
– Green Zone: roleplay with your own characters and stories
– Blue Zone: put your cognitive skills to the test
– Yellow Zone: play with emotions

Here is some pictures from the red zone. The waterfall is impressive! This gallery was very popular for families with younger kids. The goal here is just to get creative and use your own imagination. The bricks are more simple and larger.


Quick visit at the Legoland park

After two awesome days at the Lego House we had to visit the theme park. So on the last day of my trip I did a short raid at the Legoland Park.

The only new attraction this year was at the Miniland area. Here you can experience five of the world’s tallest buildings constructed in Lego bricks, of course. The tallest building is Burj Khalifa, which is 5.5 meters into the air. On display was also Mekkah Royal Clock Tower, Shanghai Tower, One World Trade Center and Taipei 101. I liked the brave window cleaners on the outside of One World Trade Center.

They used more than 800.000 bricks for the buildings and spent over 4.400 hours to build the buildings, not bad!

One of my favorite rides is the Dragon roller coaster. I just wish the ride didn’t finish so fast….

Inside Lego House

Today was my second day at the Lego House. If you are a ”fan” like me, you can easily spend a few days here. There are just so much to do and explore! The journey take you through 13 galleries, my favorite places were the City Architect, Robo Lab, Character Creator, History Collection and best of all World Explorer done by Senior Experience Designer Stuart Harris. Time flies when you have fun! To be honest, I still have a few galleries I need to examine. I’ll save those for my next visit!

Lego has done a brilliant job to make the visit appealing to both kids and grown-ups. The clever design of the interior and the setup in each room makes the experience very positive. I will just share some photos now and I will post more stories in the near future.