Bricklife | all about Lego | 2016 februari
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Rare diagnoses

Today I am grateful if you devote a special thought to all people with rare diagnoses. I myself am born with a rare incurable muscle disease.

Minecraft The Nether Fortress 21122

I really like to play Minecraft, because it’s possible to build just about anything. It’s only your imagination that stops you- just like building Lego!

I think this set is awesome with it’s burgundy red bricks and with the including minifigures!

Lost and found

When I was sweeping the living room floor I suddenly crashed in to my Ewok Tokkat. He has been gone for some time. But now the order is restored and all the Ewok Minifigures are united!

Lego World Copenhagen 18-21 of February

If you by any chance visit or pass by Copenhagen 18-21 of February, don’t miss to attend Lego World at Bella Center. This happening is definitely on my wish list! Lego has filled 22 trucks with bricks from the headquarter in Billund. LEGO World offers entertainment, education and surprises in 36 areas. The days are spiced with musical performances when LEGOLAND performing at a the party three times a day.


Link to Lego World

Founder of a Lego group

Last year I approached an organization that organizes leisure activities for children. I introduced the idea of starting a Lego group. They jumped at my idea and I was given the responsibility to purchase several large Lego models. Today it was the first day of the Lego Group’s third term.


New fountain

My Lego City has a new fountain. Central parts of the city have become more vibrant and city residents are happy for the improvement.

Lego Bridge

In 2011 street artist Martin Heuwold repainted the bridge in the style of Lego bricks situated in the German city of Wuppertal.