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Quick visit at the Legoland park

After two awesome days at the Lego House we had to visit the theme park. So on the last day of my trip I did a short raid at the Legoland Park.

The only new attraction this year was at the Miniland area. Here you can experience five of the world’s tallest buildings constructed in Lego bricks, of course. The tallest building is Burj Khalifa, which is 5.5 meters into the air. On display was also Mekkah Royal Clock Tower, Shanghai Tower, One World Trade Center and Taipei 101. I liked the brave window cleaners on the outside of One World Trade Center.

They used more than 800.000 bricks for the buildings and spent over 4.400 hours to build the buildings, not bad!

One of my favorite rides is the Dragon roller coaster. I just wish the ride didn’t finish so fast….