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Lego Glossary Lesson

In the Lego community there are a lot of slang words. If you talk to a serious Lego fan, you might get lost in the conversation when you don’t understand all the acronyms they use. In this glossary lesson I will help you to explain some of the common abbreviations. Fans are not only creative to build with the bricks, they are also very good to come up with new fun words. Here are some…..

AFOL – Adult Fan Of LEGO. If you can legally drink, vote and get married, this is you!

CMF – Collectable Minifigure. Individually sold minifigures that may be standing alone or as part of a collectable series.

eBrowsing – When you’re bored and browse the eBay listings for LEGO

Inventory – The common term used to describe a list of parts included in a LEGO set

Macaroni brick – Round Corner 2 x 2 macaroni with stud notch and as name suggests looks like a piece of macaroni

Microscale – Generally builds that are a smaller scale than minifigures

MOC – My Own Creation designed without instructions

Modulars – A series of sets designed predominantly around a 32×32 baseplate.