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Hi guys,

My name is Hugo and I live in Sweden. I have created this homepage to present and share my interest for Lego, which is my great passion in life. I have built and collected Lego sets since I was 4 years old and today I am 16 years old. Today I also spend a lot of time creating buildings in Minecraft and hang out with my friends. Minecraft has become a great supplement to Lego, since it’s also a mind-blowing creative platform.

I first started with Duplo and pretty soon figured out that small bricks was cooler and more fun to build with. My father has been a great inspiration since he loves buildings and architecture. I focus mostly on buying new sets from Lego Starwars, over the years I’ve also started to design my own buildings in Lego Digital Designer and print out the 3D drawings and order pieces via Brincklink.

There is also a blog connected to this homepage, where I will post new Lego creations, films and other fun happenings in life. Since I started this web project I’ve realised how much work and time it’s takes to document, photograph and search for all the little tiny Lego bricks in my room. Finally it’s on its way, I now launch the web site but will continuously update the galleries with numbers of sets who are still missing some parts.

Welcome to my site!


LEGO 75236 Duel on Starkiller Base

New little neat pack available in stores at the end of March. The set features a duel between Rey and Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens. Lego has created a scenery with trees and the two minifigures standing on rotating baseplates at the lightsaber duel. Price is set to €20. 

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers Tower (40334) Promotional Set

You get the Avengers Tower which is built very nicely and has many new cool pieces. There is a special minifigure of Iron Man when he is assembling his mark 43 suit. The set will be available as a promotional gift in April when you buy a Super Heroes set for a minimum of 79.99 Euro in Lego Stores.

New lego set, the 1960’s Ford Mustang, 10265

Lego has released a new lego set, the 1960’s Ford Mustang with 1471 pieces. It’s an authentic replica that comes in a dark-blue bodywork with white stripes, air scoop and a selection of custom add-ons. 

The new wheels have a road-gripping material and are easier to turn. The  car has a very detailed interior and a moving gearshift. 
With this set you can choose between lots of different license plates. 

I really like this car because it have cool functions and a great design!