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LEGO City 60173 Mountain Arrest

This set comes with a police helicopter, a criminal hide out , 4 mini figures, a black bear and a small red buggy. Total of 303 bricks.

The criminal has a mountain hide out. It’s not a fancy retreat and he has a bucket as a bathtub. I assume Lego imagine that this little hut is somewhere up in the mountains or in a deep forest. The construction is above ground so the bear can’t reach up. The set comes with a yellow beehive which is a new brick.

The police helicopter is another central element in the set. Perfect to search for the thieves hide out. It looks nice from the outside with twin rotors. On the side you have a manual winch line. On the back it’s a cargo door. One main feature is the net shooter. It’s simple to control you just load the shooter with the net, aim and then press the control.