Bricklife | all about Lego | New LEGO Modular 2018 Downtown Diner set
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New LEGO Modular 2018 Downtown Diner set

This set is very different from the previous modular sets. The new building stands out of itself. Lego has done a great job with the exterior to capture the details of the fifties. The color scheme match nicely with all the details. The curves gives a great authentic look with tails on the walls and a large skylight windows.

Downstairs is a classic diner with a legendary Juke box. I’m sure they play songs with Elivs Presley. There is a bar and a kitchen with a large stove and a sitting booth for the guests. At the second floor there is a gym with a boxing ring and a recording studio. The set comes with a pink car which matches perfectly with the building.