Bricklife | all about Lego | New 2018 LEGO City 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit
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New 2018 LEGO City 60172 Dirt Road Pursuit

In the Dirt Road Pursuit set you ’ll get three vehicles, a small Police motorcycle, the criminal’s get away car and the Police pursuit four wheeler. I think the criminal get away car looks a bit odd without fenders. In the back compartment the thieves can store money.

The main feature is the large Police Jeep with huge tires and a net shooter. If the police is good at aiming, the net shooter will be a great tool for catching thieves. It’s really simple to reload. The car has well equipped interior for the driver.

In the set there are also a sign warning of rock slides and a dangerous large rock. You can shoot away the large rock with the help of Lego technic. How far can you shoot it?