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Epic Space Collaboration

A bunch of talented builders have made this epic space station. It’s a modern version of Lego from the seventies to the eighties. The final result of this built made by the collective Jason Briscoe, Gary Davis, Tim Goddard, Andrew Hamilton, Alec Hole, Rhys Knight and Peter Reid is impressive – a real dream team!

The model is huge and you have a top section as well an a section under ground with different sceneries. On the surface you have a tall control tower for communication, landing platform for space ships and all kinds of vehicles for different purposes.

Under ground is the real crown jewel. They have created different scenes which tells a story about the life in space. I especially like the plasma reactor with the lit glas bowl, a baby lab with incubators, a large bridge in some kind of storage room and a water extraction and purification center.

Check out more at Link to flickr